When Dreams Come True

I've always believed dreams do come true. After years of talking to my closest friends and family about wanting to own my own store, I am opening Cafe 40 & Co. While my plan has changed a bit from the imported pottery shop in St. Augustine, where cobblestone streets and purple wisteria vines sit outside your window, Cafe 40 & Co feels so right!

It is a specialty coffeehouse and gift shop with a very global feel. My parents Joe & Dora, were immigrants from Italy. Growing up our home was filled with art, our glasses were hand-blown in deep colors of ruby, blue and green, and our home was the place where family and friends gathered every weekend to spend time together, chat over a cup of espresso and create memories that have inspired me in the creation of Cafe 40 & Co.

It reflects my love of travel, art and appreciation of handcrafted and artisanal products. It will be a place where you won't feel like a customer, but a friend. A place you can come to share a cup of coffee, enjoy some time to relax, grab a special gift, beautiful handcrafted item for your home or specialty gourmet products. We will feature locally roasted coffee from North River Roasters, wonderful Harney teas, delicious baked goods from Rockland Bakery, beautiful items from Hudson Beach Glass, Origin jewelry, Natalie Therese handbags, olive oil and vinegar from Blue Olive and so much more.

We plan to host special events and presentations, making Cafe 40 & Co, so much more than a coffeehouse. It's located in an incredible space at 40 Cannon in Poughkeepsie, a trendy, newly restored building which was once the King's Court Hotel, a popular destination where performers and visitors going to the Bardovon Theater stayed.

Today the building has once again become the place to be, with 40 beautiful residences, an art gallery, and two wonderful venues for a great night out, the King's Court Brewery and 1915 Wine Bar.

My son Nick will bring his years of restaurant experience to the cafe and together with our amazing team of baristas they will make Cafe 40 & Co, a place you will be able to call "my coffeehouse." We can't wait to see you at Cafe 40 & Co.